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FAQ27: How do you adjust the pitch on the Servox Inton?
by Paul Galioni

Answer - as follows:

Unscrew the battery bottom, take the battery out. Slip the outer titanium cover off — it may take a bit of pulling to do this the first time or so. Then put the battery back in, and the battery cap back on.

On the side OPPOSITE the buttons you will see a screw that is centered — sometimes in a recessed hole — and two letters with arrows between the — L for lower and H for higher.

Use the plastic screwdriver to adjust the pitch until you are happy with it. it will be a small challenge to do this yourself — hold the button on one side and turn the screw on the other. When it is around where you think you want it — try it on your neck. It will change pitch a bit when it has resistance. If you can have two batteries — one kind of weak, the other just below a top charge — you will notice a slight difference — switch batteries and keep tuning until you find the pitch that makes you happy with both batteries. (using two batteries is only for the really finnicky). when you have the tone you like, unscrew the battery cap, take out the battery, slip the cover back on, making sure that the cover is turned so it wraps around the buttons and the cord is up and out of the way, put the battery back in, and screw the cap back on.

Some of you may not have the plastic screwdriver — and here is the deal with using a knife blade or small metal screwdriver — the metal affects the inductance of the motor that drives the piston that makes the sound — so when you take the metal screwdriver away, the tone will be a bit different than you set it to. with a bit of practice and patience, you will find the right pitch for you.

It sounds a LOT more complicated than it is. Honest.

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