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FAQ29: Square Filters - Round Stomas?

Hi Everyone;

A couple weeks back I brought a question to the WebWhispers group concerning foam filters which sealed all the way around. I expressly mentioned how nice it would be to have a round foam filter instead of a rectangular one, just because I think they would be less conspicuous than the big rectangle shaped ones.

Several of you responded with the possible pros and cons of such a product. Most of the cons were related to coughing and then stuffing up the filter, or the drawbacks of it no longer sticking once you peeled the filter back. These are valid drawbacks, but for someone like myself who does not get a good seal from a regular foam filter there is another option.

For those of you who expressed interest in such a product to me, I wanted to let you know that there is something like this available. Although the filters are still rectangular, they do stick quite well on all sides which is reassuring to me! One of our suppliers, [Lauder Enterprises] recently sent me some samples of these filters, and I tried them out while doing some very dusty and dirty yard work, and let me tell you they do work! I guess my neck is of somewhat irregular shape, because I do not get a good seal all the time with the regular foam filters, and I am always worried about all the minute particles that seep in through the sides of the loose foam filters and go right down into the lungs. With the four sided adhesive filters, these concerns are put to rest. The adhesive is of very good quality too, because I wore one for several hours, and despite the fact that it was saturated from sweating, coated with dust and dirt, it still took some effort to peel it off when it was time to remove it.

For those that expressed an interest in a product like this, contact Jim Lauder. I am sure he would set you up with some samples to try them out for yourself. He is listed on our suppliers page, or go to http://www.voicestore.com.

Best wishes to all,
Michael Csapo, Escondido, California

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