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FAQ42: The Media makes "fun" of Laryngectomees ... what should we do?

In a message dated 10/23/2003 10:40:19 AM Central Daylight Time, a WebWhispers member wrote:

"I saw a commercial on TV last night showing clips of the movie "Scary Movie 3". Did anyone see that? It showed a Lary talking with an EL and a guy walks up and punches him out. I haven't seen the movie but I wonder if we are depicted as part of the "scary freaks" of that movie?"

All… I HAVE seen the preview in question, but have not seen the movie -- nor do a plan to see it, since Scary Movie #1 and #2 were terrible, in my humble opinion, and I see no reason to waste any more of my money.

However, in "judging" any "lary depiction", please try to maintain a sense of humor and perspective. Most ALL of humor makes fun of something or someone. Who are objects of the "jokes"? Well .. just about every one and every thing ... Republicans, Democrats, Catholics, Baptists, fat folks, skinny folks, bald folks, "big hair" folks, old folks, southern folks, California "valley girls", amputees, war veterans, etc .. and occasionally, laryngectomees ... not to mention the Polish jokes, Jewish jokes, Aggie jokes, Blonde jokes etc.

My advice ... roll with the punches, keep a sense of humor, and do not become oversensitive or act like a "victim". There is ALWAYS an object in comedy ... something or someone is being made fun of ... that is the nature of humor. If, on rare occasions, that object is a laryngectomee, then so be it. Maybe the "lary" is also a bald, fat, southern, Democrat, war veteran ... so WHO is being made fun of?

In short ... suggest one "lighten up" first and put things in perspective. Just my humble opinion.

Dutch Helms

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