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Servox Inton Voice Prosthesis
Item #SV01

The SERVOX® Inton Speech Device was developed in order to help patients make themselves understood as soon as possible after their laryngectomy operations.

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SV02 Servox Digital Voice Prosthesis
Item #SV02

The SERVOX® digital is the only speech aid which offers the possibility of programming both buttons with different volume and frequency settings.

This makes it possible to pre-set the device for use in certain situations.

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IV01 iVox™ Electrolarynx 9 Volt System
Item #IV01

The iVox™ Electrolarynx provides a more natural voice and user-friendly interface utilizing the patent pending AVID™ Voice System. Automatic tone variation added as you speak. Eliminates unnatural tone swings and flat monotone voices. Easy adjustment of both tone and volume without disassembly or special tools.

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Griffin Tru-Tone Voice Prothesis
Item #TT01

•The only artificial larynx with tone control in a single button.
•The widest tonal range available in an electrolarynx--bar none!
•Best sound quality available in a neck type artificial larynx.
•Uses convenient 9 Volt Batteries.
•Smallest 9 volt speech aid currently available.
•Light weight - only 4.5 ounces! Unmatched durability.
•Made in the USA.

Griffin Solatone Voice Prothesis
Instrument Only - Item #ST01 - $495.00

•Quality Sound
•Lightweight and Compact.
•Easy single-tone button
•9-Volt battery Operation
•Quality Construction
•Good volume range
•Great Value artificial Larynx 

Nu-Vois Voice Prothesis
Nu-Vois I - Item #NV01 - $599.00
Nu-Vois II - Item #NV02 - $619.00
Nu-Vois III - Item #NV03 - $655.00

Nu-Vois I
The NuVois electronic larynx from Mountain Precision represents a major step forward in speech aids and was created for easy operation.

·Pitch adjusts externally with a small plastic screwdriver.
·The NuVois is easy to operate with a single button control giving immediate results with volume and pitch control for extra refinement.
·Standard 9v PP3 rechargeable or 9v alkaline batteries are used (i.e. no special batteries required). 9v rechargeable battery and battery re-charger are included.

Nu-Vois II
The NuVois II is a lightweight electronic larynx that is made of high quality materials and state-of-the-art electronics. It produces a high quality voice with a digital electronic control of pitch and volume easily adjusted. Adjustments to tone can be reset to a very low tone or stepped up or down by depressing a hidden button. The volume level can be instantly reset to a whisper level, or stepped up or down by depressing the volume button. The NuVois II is powered by either nine volt rechargeable batteries or standard alkaline batteries

Nu-Vois III
The NuVois III Digital is an electro-larynge speech aid with  high-tech electronics. A programmable electronic circuit allows for full digital control of all functions. This item features volume and tone/pitch buttons for simple tone adjustment , allowing the user to increase variety to their speaking voice. This also features dual on/off control buttons that can be set independently of one another for two separate speaking volumes; one low and one high for situations with more noise.

MPM Xtra-Vois Voice Prothesis
Item #VX01 - $450.00

A less expensive version of the NU-VOIS I - ideal for use as a back-up or spare unit. Looks, sets and operates like the NU-VOIS 1, except safety cord hooks on the side like the NU-VOIS III Digital pictured below. Can be used with Oral Adapter . Weighs 4.7 oz., 1.3" diameter. One (1) year limited warrantee.


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